Sunday, 13 September 2009

Mol Foirs Geodha, Isle of Lewis

Having already visited the beach at Mhangurstadh earlier in the day we never expected to find any other beach to top it (at least during this day).

The final location on our list for the day was what I had named "St Kilda View - Isle of Lewis", the thinking was that if the sky was clear out in the direction of St Kilda we could maybe catch a glimpse of it from the coastline at Mealasta.... what we found at this location was so much more than a simple viewpoint from where to look out in the direction of St Kilda - we stumbled upon THE beach of Lewis in our opinion, namely Mol Foirs Goedha which I believe means Gods Head Beach when translated from Gaelic.

The place was stunning, sure we had seen relatively clear water already at some of the other locations we visited, but here the whole experience was on a completely different level - we easily blew 2-3hrs just soaking the whole place in before heading back to our hotel for the night.

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