Friday, 11 September 2009

Border Collie on Bagh Bhatarsaigh Beach, Isle of Vatersay

This Border Collie approached us while we were strolling along the sands at Bagh Bhatarsaigh on the Isle of Vatersay (one of the islands which make up the Western Isles off the North West coast of Scotland), we looked around and couldn't see any owner in sight so we can only assume that they were out in a fishing boat or that he came from one of the houses beyond the beach.

He kept bringing stones over to us and dropping them in the sand, myself and Mireille joked at first that he maybe wanted us to throw them for him to fetch instead of using a stick - so for fun I picked one of the stones up and threw it - off he went like a bat out of hell after the stone, picked it up and brought it back.

The next couple of hours on both main beaches of Vatersay involved playing fetch with our new friend.

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