Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rural Church

Rural Church, originally uploaded by

With so much of the scenery in the highlands and on the islands of Scotland featuring never-ending fields of greens, yellow and browns it's no wonder that when you find a pristine looking building to offset against those colours you try to make full use of it.

In this case not only did I have a bright white church to include in the frame, but also the water of Loch Harport and blue skies with white fluffly clouds rolling on past overhead on our drive over to towards Fiscavaig.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Green Pasture Up Ahead

Green Pasture Up Ahead, originally uploaded by

One of the funniest, yet true sayings that you hear quite often in the highlands and islands of Scotland is "If ye dinnae like the weather right noo, just wait 20 minutes".

I've multiple examples of just how much the weather changes in such a timeframe, but at the same time, when you find yourself standing with a decent view ahead of you, unless it's wall to wall blue skies, then you will most likely see a mixture of grey clouds and random spots of sunbathed colour.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Highland Road

Highland Road, originally uploaded by

With our Scotland trip in mid May getting nearer and nearer it's hard to choose photographs from elsewhere in the world to edit and upload, so it would appear that I'll be sticking with images of Scotland for the next few days.

For those of you who have been to Scotland and have ventured off of the main roads into the amazing countryside that covers the highlands, you will be used to seeing the road bob and weave in front of you, and the prospect of another fantastic view awaiting you turning the next corner up ahead.

I was looking through my photographs from the Isle of Skye for a specific photograph that I could still remember clearly in my head, which fulfilled the above conditions perfectly.

We had spent the day visiting the area of Tarskavaig on the Isle of Skye, and had been working our way around the coastline past Ord and had started to turn back inland again slowly snaking our way across the heather and peat rich fields.

We turned a corner near the brow of a hill and the view that greeted us was nothing short of perfect, the road disappearing down into fields of yellows, purples and greens. The rolling hills slowly dropping downwards towards the Sound of Sleat in the distance, with the final hills of Skye reminding us where we were and then further still, the dark shadow of the mountains back on the Scottish mainland.

It's all too easy to fall into visiting the real "tourist traps" when out in the Scottish highlands, when in fact some of the most picturesque locations are those that you just happen to find while exploring the scenery.