Saturday, 20 February 2010

Score Bay, Isle of Skye

Score Bay, Isle of Skye, originally uploaded by

With us having our holiday in May booked on the Isle of Skye, this time with my mum and Mireille's mum and dad it's got me planning the daily adventures we're going to get up to.

As you can imagine it's got me looking through the images we've taken around the island in the last few years to finalise the plans.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Loch Ahmastar Reflections

You all know what it's like - outside is cold, wet, windy - lets just use the word "horrible".

It's times like this that get you thinking about warmer times, in my case today it took me back to the Isle of Lewis one of the islands which makes up Scotlands Outer Hebrides where Mireille and myself spent our summer holiday last year.

I revisited the folder of images from Lewis and decided to re-process a few of them for fun - this capture of the sky and clouds reflections on the almost mirror-like surface of Loch Ahmastar.