Monday, 2 May 2011

Waiting For The Ferry to Barra, Isle of Eriskay

There's something magical about Scotlands Western Isles, something so magical that it did it's level best to make itself invisible for this shot, so magical indeed that it left absolutely zero, nil, nada, diddly squat of itself to infact be glanced at here, now, or then, or whenever.

The colour in the sea (or should I say Atlantic Ocean) around the islands which make up the Western Isles are simply stunning, so much so that when you show someone just how it looks in good, sunny weather you are almost instantly accused of photoshopping the colours in, of tampering with the saturation in the image etc.

But, and yes there is a but, is that even here in this wet, dreek, grey, drookit outlout from the South tip of the Isle of Eriskay as myself, Mireille and the Monaro waited patiently for our ferry to arrive for the short sailing over to Barra you can just about get a hint of the colours lurking beneath the surface.

What colour you may chortle with jest, but believe me the colours are there in abundance and are just waiting on the right moment to dazzle you with all their brilliance.

Barbados, nope, the Dominican Republic, nope, Hawaii, nope.....Scotland, damn right, every single time...!!!

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